Project Description


Here are some previews of films I’ve worked with

White Trash (Vitt Skräp) – Picture vehicle coordinator

White Trash is a featured film with Ola Rapace and Ida Engvoll, it is set in a small Swedish town in the mid 80s and revolves around two strangers who meet and end up in the middle of a drug tangle. The movie is currently in post-production.

My role in the movie as picture vehicle coordinator was to produce vehicles from the 80’s and coordinate driver schedules for transportation of the vehicles to and from the set. On set was my duty to guarantee the vehicles were at the correct positions for shooting and maintaining their original conditions.

REDEEM: The Beginning – Prod. runner & third assistant director

In a weak and ruling society, not far from today’s world, where people are killed simply because they are poor, a young woman named Dina is murdered.
The brutal murder of her becomes a turning point when she is given a second chance to redeem her honor and cold-blooded revenge the perpetrators who took her life.

My role in this movie as a runner was to transport actors, crew and goods to and from set. During the last shooting days i was placed as third assistant director to coordinate and direct the kids around the campfire during the storytelling scenes.

Jacob Felländer – “Wrong” – Location scout & manager and prod. coordinator

Jacob Felländer is a photographer and musician. During the last semester of my TV and movie production program Felländer asked for a music-video for his latest song “Wrong”. My role in the production was to coordinate and manage the budget aswell as scout shooting locations based on sketches made by the concept artist. With the locations set i was in charge of contracts with the property owners, permits for road closures, rent of electricity generators and mobile facilities for outdoor shootings aswell aswell as general crew security such as fire prevention and first aid kits.

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Den Starkare (The stronger) – Location manager

Den Starkare is a short movie made by students of Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, set in stockholm city the movie is about two boys that falls for the same girl during a night out.

My role as a location manager included taking pictures of the locations for the directors approval, managing contracts with property owners, preparing the location for the shoot, blocking traffic, managing parking places for the crew and general safety.

Sämre än djur (Worse than animals) – Researcher

Sämre än djur is a documentary about LGBTQ individuals in Sweden facing big identity problems living in a culture of honor where some have been threatened or abandoned by their families. The documentary follows the story of Shirin och Mohammad.

My role as a researcher in the pre-production stage of this project was to find individuals with a relevant story to be used in the documentary.